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Kormit Pars Ltd. has a long history of success in the steel joist and roofing business. Along with the expertise and experience, we have grown and developed the capability to provide a quality product on time.

Our products typically carry the weight of floors and roofs in non-residential and residential structures and we take great pride in gathering the information necessary to design and fabricate a product that will safely carry the loads intended for the structure.

Roofing systems offered by our company:

  1. Joist + block roofing system:

This system consist of open web steel joists, filler permanent light weight concrete / polystyrene blocks, or light removable steel framework and concrete covering, without any temporary shoring during the construction.

We are producing the steel joists and blocks according to our patented design.

5-10 centimeter reinforced concrete slab designed to span in one direction is placed at top of the permanent or temporary fillers.

Joists are self-supported and no shoring will be required during the construction period. KORMIT open web steel joists are made of a flat bar or double round bars or an angle as the top flange, a flat bar as the bottom flange and a bended round bar as the web. Joists are spaced 75 to 95 cm. c/c, and permanent fillers between them are either burned clay, concrete, polystyrene blocks or removable framework as steel shuttering.

Joists are designed as simply supported, and they carry the weight of fresh concrete, permanent or temporary fillers, joist and workers. When concrete reaches to 75% of its strength, joists and concrete cover will act as a composite section to support any extra dead and live load imposed on them.

The speed of construction, relative lightness of the slab, the possibility of covering long spans, and finally the isolating characteristic of this slab against the temperature, sound and vibration are some of the reasons of this systems popularity.

Some advantages of this system over the ordinary roofs and floors are:

very fast erection(installation), Light weight, no vibration, good heat and sound isolation.


Joists , concrete or polystyrene blocks, shrinkage reinforcement and concrete

Joists, Removable framework, Shrinkage Reinforcement and Concrete




Joists , Concrete Blocks, Shrinkage Reinforcement and Concrete

Joists , Polystyrene Blocks, Shrinkage Reinforcement and Concrete


Joists , Removable Framework, Shrinkage Reinforcement and Concrete

Connect to Supports:

  1. Long Span Joists roofing system:

This system is very popular in many countries. We are producing long span joists for this system up to 30 meters.

  1. Neo Kormit

Is a special  Castellated  Beam  made of cold formed plates for composite is designed to support all operation loads until concrete curing as a simple beam and all remaining static loads after that time as a composite beam.

Neo Kormit in comparison to plate girder or rolled castellated beams has more resistance and less steel weight.

It is suitable for use in all kinds of steel deck and beam-slab floor systems.


KORMIT Pars Ltd. is ready to offer its services to contractors, consultants and engineers through the design office, research and development section and representatives.


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