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We would like to introduce our company as designer, Producer and commissioner
of a special roofing flooring systems in Iran as follows:
Special joist and block roofing system.
This roofing system is patented, and we are installing some 1,000,000 square meter of our system per year in Iran.
This system consist of steel joists, filler permanent concrete or polystyren blocks,
or light removable steel framework and concrete covering, without any temporary shoring during the construction.
We are producing the steel joists and blocks according to our patented design. Advantages of this system over the ordinary roofs and floors are:
Very fast erection, Light weight, no vibration, good heat and sound isolation.

Joists, concrete or polystyrene blocks, shrinkage reinforcement and concrete:

Joists, Removable framework, Shrinkage Reinforcement and Concrete:


Joist to Structure Connection:



Floor Sections:

Joists, concrete blocks, and concrete:

Joists,  polystyrene blocks, and concrete:

Joists, Removable Steel framework, and concrete:

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